Sharing resources in Zesk

On the one hand, we want Zesk to be modular, and we want to break functionality into discrete groupings.

On the other hand, we're not a huge fan of placing index.php files in every directory, and exposing our application files by having the Apache document root point to the entire application code base. There's got to be an easier way to share module resources (JavaScript, images, etc.) in an application in a way which is modular, right?

No, in Zesk, you should have a very small document root directory which contains index.php and any static resources your application needs (e.g. images, JavaScript, CSS/LESS/SASS, etc.), structured something like this:

The public directory is the zesk()->paths->document() so that no application files are exposed.

So, how do we share our module resources?

The /share/ directory

Unfortunately, for now, this directory path is reserved. TODO: Change it to something no one would ever use (zesk-share, zshare?).

But here's how it works. You register a share path using:

app()->sharePath("/path/to/somwhere", "prefix");

So that now when I visit:


It will serve the file:


This basically allows you to choose points anywhere in your source tree to serve via the share path.

How doth this sorcery work?

It's a simple zesk\Controller called zesk\Controller_Share which does the logic of mapping one to the other.

However, your first question is: Ain't that a tad slow?

The short answer is: Yes!

The long answer is: Yes, but only the first time you load the resource.

By default, there's an option for zesk\Controller_Share which is build which should be set to true in production systems. The first time a resource is accessed, it is copied to the directory path which matches it on the server; subsequent requests from the web server should serve the file directly from the file system.

In your configuration file, this would look like:

.conf file:


.json file:

"zesk\\Controller_Share": {
    "build": true

The controller supports parsing If-Modified-Since headers if the web browser supports them, and sends Expires headers for +1 year if it's a versioned resource (Query string contains a key _ver), or for +1 hour for all other resources.

Modules and share paths

Setting up a module share path should be done in one of the following places: